Economy Car Rental Dubai

For a developed country like UAE, with a population of around 10 million, cars have become the major medium of transportation. According to a recent survey, there are around 14 million cars in the UAE. Economy car rental Dubai has made it very easy for everyone to have a car. On average, there is more than one car per person in the UAE.

Economy Car Rental Dubai by Make My Ride

Let us walk you through the process and need for economy car rental. Suppose you came to Dubai and started your life in this metro city. In this situation, you might not be able to buy a car immediately. Therefore, you can rent one. Renting a car is as easy as calling someone. Rest assured, the car will be delivered to your location. We have a fleet of more than 100 cars ready to be delivered to your location. Some of the main car brands included are:


Mazda has been the favorite brand for economy car rental in Dubai. Being in the city for a day or two can be very expensive if you have to use local taxis or transport to move around. If you use the metro, it will take more time than usual to travel from one place to another. In this case, we suggest you get a Mazda and travel freely in the UAE. Some of the best models that come in this category are; Mazda CX5 and Mazda 6.



We agree that Nissan Patrol is without any doubt the most driven SUV in UAE. But that’s not all, and there are many other cars from Nissan which are seen in excess on the roads. Nissan Sunny, Nissan Altima, Nissan Juke, and many more. These cars are reliable to drive and cheap to rent. Economy car rental in Dubai is easy. Now, you might be thinking about the fuel consumption of these cars. Worry not. All of the Nissan Sedan Cars are very fuel-efficient. These are very light on your pocket. Make My Ride suggests you go for an economy car even on a monthly and annual basis.



Not everybody is fond of speed and over-decorated cars. Some people need a peaceful ride that is not heavy on their pockets. Make My Ride offers many Hyundai economy car rental Dubai. Call us now for a budget-friendly yet luxury ride. Fuel consumption of the cars like Hyundai Santa Fe, Hyundai Tucson, and other Hyundai models is very moderate. Get these cars with excellent mileage now. You don’t have to come to our showroom, and we will have the selected car sent to your location.



South Korean automotive company Kia is famous for providing some of the most driven and fuel-efficient cars in UAE. Kia Sportage and Kia Picanto are among the top economic car rental in Dubai. Stepping out on the roads of Dubai and not spotting Kia vehicles is impossible. We have included Kia in our list because of its high demand for people who look for pocket-friendly rides in the UAE. It’s not that you will miss something with these cars, like going far places, i.e., cliffs and mountains. Hire a Kia Sportage and go anywhere you want to go in the UAE.



Dubai makes even the most selling car brand of the world look small when it comes to luxury and sports cars. Nobody needs an explanation for Toyota’s class in automotive. Rent any model of Toyota from Make My Ride for as low as 150 Dirhams per day. Some of the models are; Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Toyota Rush, and more.


Benefits of Economic Car Rental

There are many benefits of renting an economy car in Dubai. Some of these are:

  • Save the cost you pay for taxis
  • Freedom to move anywhere anytime
  • Privacy
  • Easy to move around

These are the basic benefits of economy car rental Dubai. One of the biggest benefits is privacy. While traveling in taxis with your family or friends you have to be careful of what you speak and what you are carrying around. Whereas in a personal vehicle, you can roam freely without worrying about anything.


As the name suggests, make My Ride is here to help you get the most suitable car according to your budget and personality. Either you are in Dubai or planning to visit, give us a call or visit online and we will have the car ready for you. All of our cars are fully insured and sanitized. We take extra care of our beloved customers. That’s why before handing over a car to you, we clean it inside out, making sure there are no germs left in the car. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your phone and call now.

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