Monthly Car Rental Dubai

There could be many reasons why you would go for a monthly car rental in Dubai. All we know is that there are many benefits of renting a car monthly. There could be many reasons for being in Dubai, i.e., business purposes, tourism, job, etc., so in a city like this, you will have to move here and there very often daily. There are many means of transport available in the UAE. Dubai Metro Train, Taxi, Uber, Careem, Car lift, and Rental Cars are some of the transport means.

Why You Should Choose Monthly Car Rental in Dubai

As mentioned above, there could be many reasons why you are in Dubai. Everybody has their own priorities and ways to handle their jobs. We are going to tell you some reasons why you should go for a monthly car rental in Dubai:

Affordable Prices

Getting a car daily can be much more expensive than having the same car for a whole month. In Make My Ride’s personal experience, when a customer takes a car for one or two days, we always have to think about what to do after the car will be back and therefore, we offer a little higher price. But when somebody takes a car for a whole month or more than one month, we can be free from this tension that the car is coming back. As a result, we will automatically offer lower prices for monthly car rental in Dubai.

You technically own the vehicle

Suppose you go to work in a different car every day, or you have to rent a car every time you plan to step out. This can get you into a lot of trouble. Whereas, if you have opted for a monthly car rental in Dubai, you will have the car in your custody all the time. Take it wherever you want, whenever you want. If you want to rent more than one vehicle, we offer special packages for that. Not only monthly, but you can also rent a vehicle for a whole year, and let us tell you that the total amount will be meager compared to daily rental service.

No need to worry about insurance

All the cars owned by Make My Ride are fully insured. When we hand over a vehicle to a customer monthly, we ensure that all the legal formalities for that car are fulfilled. Owning a personal vehicle in the UAE means you have to get it insured, apply for passing every year, do all the paperwork, and fulfill a lot more obligations. With a monthly car rental in Dubai, you get a ready vehicle. Get the key and start driving without worrying about anything.

Change the vehicle whenever you want

A major difference between a rental car and a personally owned car is that you cannot change the car you bought anytime. The most exciting part about a rental vehicle is that you can change it anytime you want. Suppose you were renting a Porsche, and one day you decided that you want to drive Mclaren now, give us a call, and replace that for you.

Choose from a wide range of Cars

This is common in daily and monthly car rentals in Dubai. There are more than 500 vehicles you can choose from. We have a wide range of sports, luxury and economy cars available for rent.

What is required from you?

You need to have a valid driving license for the UAE, a valid Emirates ID, and a copy of your passport. That's it, take your vehicle right now. Make My Ride offers straightforward and easy plans for renting any vehicle in Dubai and anywhere in the UAE.

Conditions of the Vehicles

We assure you that the vehicles delivered to you are in the best form and do not contain any issues. We always check our vehicles before delivering them to a customer. We also offer services for servicing your vehicle. Let us tell you that this is not a direct service offered by us, but we can send a mechanic to your mentioned location for a thorough examination of the car. We always put our customers. First, our professional team makes sure to provide the customers with the best possible services.


What else do you need? Just pick up your phone and give us a call to inquire about your favorite monthly car rental in Dubai. We will guide you according to your budget and rental duration. You can also fill the form online, and we will get in touch with you. Make My Ride also provides its services for bookings of rental cars daily and monthly.

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